Real-time DevOps AWS Tasks: Setup Local Jenkins setup in 2 minutes.

Jenkins is the most popular open-source CI tool and it is being used by small startups to large enterprise companies. If anyone started the DevOps carrier then definitely trainers teach about this tool.

It is always better to implement/practice new things from scratch, if we do like that then definitely we get a complete understanding of that topic. But the problem is, we can not perform these steps over and over again “uninstall — install — set up the Jenkins admin account — install suggested plugins”.


So I have created a simple Dockerfile for myself with the required configurations and then created a docker image out of it. That’s it, Whenever I need a brand new local Jenkins setup, I will just launch a container with that image.


Enough with the theory, let's get started with the demo. whenever/wherever I need a new Jenkins setup for testing, I will just execute below 1 line and the rest is magic.

bash <(curl -Ls )

After 2 mins (Depends on your internet speed for the first time), you can access the Jenkins at http://your_ip:8080. username and passwords are admin and admin.

If you want to customize more like default plugins ,username and password then you fork my git repo and play around