Hygieia is the all-in-one dashboard for all DevOps related tasks i.e., we can track the source code-level changes, Test coverage trends, and most importantly deployment version history i.e., which version of artifact version deployed to which environment and its deployment time.

Steps to install Hygieia on Ubuntu:

Install NodeJs:


Hi, Generally we can hit API endpoints like below

# curl -v https://my-api-endpoint.com

But it won’t work when client authentication is enabled on the server-side. In those cases, we have to include the private key and certificate in our request like below.

# curl -v — key ./private.key — cert ./cert.crt https://my-api-endpoint.com

Note: If you are in different directory then use absolute paths like — key /home/ec2-user/private.key.


If you are behind the proxy then , provide proxy details with -x opition.

# curl -v — key ./private.key — cert ./cert.crt https://my-api-endpoint.com -x proxy-url-or-ip.com:port

Troubleshooting — HAPrxoy cannot bind socket/ports — SElinux — RHEL centOS

As per best practices, we need to enable/follow/apply many security policies in our servers to protect from attackers. One of the most important policies is SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux).

When you enable i.e., to enforce mode, that policy restricts all…


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